Our company conducts the following cargo condition surveys at the request of Ship owners, P&I clubs, etc.:

  • cargo damage survey Szczecin Świnoujście

    Damage surveys

    Ascertaining the cause, nature and extent of the damage to a cargo.

  • preloading survey Szczecin Świnoujście

    Pre-shipment surveys

    Visual inspection of the cargo prior to loading. Handing remarks depicting condition of the cargo to the Master.

  • pre-discharge survey Szczecin Świnoujście

    Pre-discharge surveys

    Ascertaining the condition of the cargo by visual inspection performed in the ship's holds before commencement of discharging operations.

  • tally survey Szczecin Świnoujście

    Tally survey

    Counting the units loaded/ discharged on board /from the vessel.

  • We perform also:

    volumetric measurements, supervision during loading or discharging or during container stuffing/devanning etc. CMR surveys, claims handling, salvage sales.