PROSURVEY is a diversified marine services company dedicated to serve the companies of the maritime

and transport industry. We are a highly qualified and experienced professionals committed to serve

the local and international markets with the highest standards.

P&I Surveys

Full range of services to P&I Clubs, pre-entry surveys, cargo claims, Risk Assessment, etc.

Heavy lift & project cargoes

Inspections of the cargo at the load and discharge locations, Pre-planning of stowage and sea-fastening, lashing/securing calculations. Loadout supervision. Issuing certificates.

Hull & Machinery Surveys

Assessment of damage sustained to vessels as a result of collisions, groundings, fires and contacts with fixed and floating objects and from machinery failure.

Cargo Surveys

Damage surveys, tally, pre-shipment surveys, pre-discharging surveys, volumetric measurements, supervision during loading or discharging or during container stuffing/devanning etc. CMR surveys, claims handling, salvage sales.

Draft Surveys

Ascertaining the weight of cargo loaded or discharged by reading the drafts and computing the loaded and empty displacements.

Towage Approval Surveys

Inspection of the towing vessel, its towing equipment and certificates. Review of the stability and the seaworthiness of the towed object.

Dangerous goods

Consultancy of the storage, handling and transhipment of hazardous cargo in ports and in sea transport. Issuing IMDG Declarations.

Compass adjustment

Analyzing and compensating for deviating forces of a vessel’s magnetic compass